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Cambodian PM meets fugitive ex-Thai PM Thaksin


15:19, September 17, 2011

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Saturday morning met with the fugitive former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as he visited Cambodia to join two economic forums.

Speaking during the meeting, Thaksin said his visit to Cambodia was to join the Asian Century forum at the invitation of Jose de Venecia, honorable chairman of the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International and the Royal Academy of Cambodia.

He added that he would also join another economic forum for Cambodian economists. Thaksin said that during the two events, he would give lectures on challenges and opportunities for the development of economy in Asia.

Thaksin also express his pleasure to visit Cambodia again.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he was very happy to meet Thaksin again and thanked him for sharing his knowledge and experience for the development of economy in Cambodia and Asia.

Thaksin arrived in Cambodia early Saturday.

His visit was made just after his sister Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinwatra made a one-day official visit to the country on Sept. 15.

Hun Sen has announced that during the visit, Thaksin also scheduled to play golf with him and may stay in Cambodia until on Sept. 24 to join a friendly football match between Cambodian high- ranking officials and Pheu Thai's Members of Parliament at the Phnom Penh's Olympic Stadium.

The premier said that the Thaksin's visit was to exchange ideas on economic development, not to negotiate with Cambodia on either the plan for oil and gas joint development of overlapping maritime claims in the Gulf of Thailand, or border conflict.

Thaksin was deposed in bloodless coup in 2006 by a powerful group of Thai army. He has been living in Dubai to avoid a two- year jail term for violating a conflict-of-interest law.

He is a close friend of Hun Sen and used to be the economic advisor to Cambodian government and Hun Sen from November 2009 to August 2010.

This is his fourth time to visit Cambodia since he was toppled.


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