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Militants attack security forces in NW Pakistan


15:47, August 21, 2011

ISLAMABAD, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- At least one Pakistani soldier was killed and several others injured when suspected Taliban militants attacked a checkpost in South Waziristan tribal region in northwest Pakistan Sunday morning, reported local Urdu TV channel ARY.

The militants fired rockets at a checkpost of the security forces in the Ladha area of South Waziristan, killing a soldier and injuring several others.

The security forces returned fire and killed three militants, said the report.

In another incident, a roadside bomb hit a convoy of the security forces in the neighboring North Waziristan on Sunday morning, wounding seven soldiers.

The convoy came under attack on the main road linking the city of Bannu and Miranshah, center of North Waziristan.

Bordering Afghanistan, Waziristan tribal region is considered a stronghold of Taliban and several other anti-government militant groups.

Thousands of Pakistani soldiers were engaged in a major offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan in October 2009. The Pakistani army declared a victory over the militants in the region in early 2010.

Pakistan is under mounting pressure to launch operations against the militants in North Waziristan which CIA and Afghan authorities said was used by militants as a launch pad for cross- border attack on foreign and Afghan forces.


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