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Indonesian parliament hopes for fairness in legal process against most-watched corrupter


14:51, August 15, 2011

JAKARTA, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian House of Representative hopes that investigators prioritizing fairness principles in legal process against most-watched corrupter M Nazaruddin, in which several politic elites and law enforcers are allegedly involved, a top legislator said here on Monday.

Pramono Anung, vice speaker of the House of Representative, told reporters that his institution is obliged to support a fair settlement of the case as this is a big case that gets attention nationwide.

Therefore, he said, people who are tasked to examine Nazaruddin must be those who do not have any connection with the case for the sake of independence.

"The Corruption Eradication Commission who is tasked to examine Nazaruddin is a big institution. It does not depend on certain people. Therefore, KPK's officials who have 'any problem' with Nazaruddin must be out of the investigation against him," said Anung.

According to Anung, intervention of certain people will put loss on KPK.

"When public's hope on KPK is growing, hopefully KPK will be transparent in examining Nazaruddin and will treat him fairly," he said.

Anung said that that even though the parliament has no authority to intervene in the case, the institution will keep an eye on KPK in doing its job.

"KPK is overseen by parliament in doing its job (according to the law)," he said, adding that parliament will be pro-active in following up public's hope in the case.

Nazaruddin's case became headlines as he is a suspect in a corruption case involving construction of athlete dormitory in South Sumatra province. He fled the country and Indonesia called for help of Interpol to arrest the former treasurer of ruling Democratic Party.

Before arrested in Colombia's Cartagena several days ago, Nazaruddin made several interviews with media through BlackBerry Messenger and Skype, when he accused several officials of involving in malpractices.


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