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Popularity of Australia Labor gov't slightly up in recent poll


10:44, August 15, 2011

CANBERRA, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Australian Labor government has regained slight momentum in recent poll, but it would still lose in a landslide if an election were held today, the latest Fairfax/ Nielsen poll showed on Monday.

According to the poll of 1,400 Australian taken between Thursday and Saturday last week, Labor's primary vote is up two points to 28 percent and the coalition's is down three to 48 percent. The Greens stay steady at 12 percent.

With next Sunday marking the first anniversary of the 2010 federal election, the poll found the coalition's two-party- preferred vote has fallen three percentage points to 58 percent, while Labor's has risen three points to 42 percent.

On the preferred prime minister, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is still ahead but weaker by four points to 47 percent to Prime Minister Julia Gillard's 44 percent (up four).

Gillard's approval rating has risen four points to 38 percent, while her disapproval rating has fallen five to 57 percent.

Abbott's approval rating is down four points to 43 percent and his disapproval rating is up four to 52 percent.

Voters are disillusioned with the current leaders as economic managers. In the current uncertain economic times, only 15 percent believe Gillard is the best person to manage another financial crisis.

Just over a month after the carbon price policy details were announced, voter support for a price on pollution remains entrenched in the negative. Those against the plan are steady on 56 percent and those in support at 39 percent.

The Fairfax/Nielsen was taken every two weeks.


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