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Civilians foil bomb attack in S. Philippines: military

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08:34, August 15, 2011

COTABATO CITY, Philippines, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- Civilians in the restive southern Philippine province of Sulu have caught a suspected bomber while he was about to detonate a homemade explosive, a military official said Sunday.

Regional military spokesman Lt. Col. Randolph Cabangbang said Gabby Ayyub was seen, mauled and then arrested by alert civilians while he was trying to set off a bomb in Jolo town on Saturday.

"The suspect was later brought to the hospital. We are investigating if he is a member of Abu Sayyaf," said Cabangbang.

Two homemade bombs were defused by government security forces in the region on Saturday.

Sulu is a known bailiwick of the Abu Sayyaf, a militant group that was founded in the 1990s and has since perpetrated a number of high-profile attacks, including kidnapping, bombing and beheading. The Philippine military estimates that the Abu Sayyaf currently has less than 400 members.


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