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Indian Defense Ministry says oil leaking from sunken Panama vessel off Mumbai coast


11:05, August 08, 2011

Indian Defense Ministry Sunday said that oil has been leaking from the Panama-flagged cargo vessel MV Rak which sank off the coast of Mumbai earlier this week.

"Since last night, oil has been observed leaking from the sunken vessel Rak Carrier at an approximate rate of 1.5 to 2 tonnes per hour. The oil has spread about 7 nautical miles around the vessel," the Defence Ministry said in a release.

However, the Ministry said that a coast guard ship, Samudra Prahari, which was on patrol, responded and used oil dispersnat to neutralise the spilled oil.

"Operations 'Paryavaran Suraksha -- 2/2011 has been launched by Coast Guard. Another vessel ICGS Sankalp has also been pressed for augmenting the oil spill response," the release said.

MV Rak sank off Mumbai coast due to ingress of water in its cargo hull, while on its way from Indonesia's Tutung to Dahej in the western Indian state of Gujarat.


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