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Philippine govt assures no spillover of Abu Sayyaf terrorist activities in Metro Manila


08:29, August 05, 2011

Philippine government assured on Thursday that terrorist activities by the Abu Sayyaf Group in Mindanao will not spillover in Metro Manila following the recent kidnapping incident involving a midwife.

"There was no indication that there will be such a possibility, " Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said in a briefing.

Suspected Abu Sayyaf members have abducted a government midwife in Sulu province. The kidnapping came after the bandits also killed seven soldiers, some of them were mutilated in Sulu last week.

Valte said that rescue operation on the midwife is underway.

"We were assured that the Armed Forces of the Philippines is now coordinating with the Sulu Philippine National Police as well as the local government unit for the rescue of this lady," she said.

Evangeline Taverisma, the latest victim of the Abu Sayyaf, was on her way home from work when she was snatched at gunpoint in Indanan, Sulu on Wednesday.


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