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Snowden threatens to release more on US spying activities


13:18, July 05, 2013

Former United States spy agency contractor Edward Snowden says he remains free to make new disclosures about US spying activities. This is the first time he has broken his silence since he reportedly fled to Moscow more than a week ago.

In a letter to Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, Snowden said he remains free and able to publish information that serves the public interest.

He thanked Ecuador for helping him get to Russia and for examining his asylum request.
Snowden also said the US was illegally persecuting him for revealing its electronic surveillance programme Prism.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks released a statement that says Snowden accuses the US government of deception in a campaign to prevent him from finding political asylum, and leaving him a stateless person by revoking his passport.

Snowden added the US’ purpose is to frighten those who would follow his footsteps.

The US is on an international manhunt for Snowden.

He is believed to be holed up in the transit area of a Moscow airport, and travelling with Sarah Harrison, an activist with WikiLeaks.

The group's founder Julian Assange has been granted asylum in Ecuador's London embassy, where he has been for just over a year.

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