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Opportunities and difficulties in political solution to Syrian crisis

(People's Daily Online)

08:08, November 02, 2012

After Kofi Annan resigned as the joint special envoy of the UN-Arab League for Syria, former Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi took over to further promote the political solution to Syrian crisis. The opportunities and difficulties Brahimi will face draw much attention from the world.

Syrian crisis has lasted for 19 months since March 2011. In August 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama asserted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down since he has lost governing legitimacy, which was approved by Western powers and some countries and regions. Now, the conflicts in Syria continue to escalate and Bashar al-Assad still controls the situation of Syria despite facing difficulties. The international community has gradually reached a consensus, that is, without direct military intervention of external powers, Syrian rebels are unable to overthrow the Bashar regime, and if external powers do not stop providing support to opposition forces, it is also difficult for Bashar regime to wipe them out. The United States and NATO said that they have no intention of implementing direct military intervention in Syrian affairs, but they will continue to provide assistance for the Syrian opposition groups to bash the Bashar regime. Therefore, the chaotic situation will continue in Syria.

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