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Japanese media should learn to respect truth and themselves

(People's Daily Online)

08:36, October 25, 2012

Certain influential Japanese media have appeared unusually impulsive concerning the Diaoyu Islands dispute.

They deliberately interpreted the normal voyage of Chinese warships in international waters as “saber-rattling,” and asked China to be “more transparent” in sea voyages.

Do Chinese ships have to ask for Japan’s permission to sail in international waters? Japan itself has never informed China of its frequent military drills near Chinese waters.

Japan has provoked the Diaoyu Islands dispute, and suffered major setbacks while trying to “kidnap” uninvolved countries. The Japanese media have been cajoling and coercing other countries to take sides in the dispute, quoting out of context, distorting facts, and fanning flames.

Japanese newspapers and magazines during the Second World War represented a disgraceful chapter in the country’s media history. Today’s Japanese media workers should feel ashamed of that.

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