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Japan's miscalculation in urging US to suppress China

(People's Daily Online)

08:05, October 23, 2012

Japan's Liberal Democratic Party's leader Shinzo Abe (Photo/ Xinhua)

Shinzo Abe who is believed to be elected as President of the Liberal Democratic Party again took a tough stand when talking about the China-Japan dispute on the Diaoyu Islands with the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State on October 15, saying that there is no room for negotiation, no territorial issue and no concession even for a centimeter.

Meanwhile, Japan attempted to urge the United States to voice their support of its ownership of the Diaoyu Islands. As a matter of fact, the thought of urging the United States against China is strategically wrong and dangerous, and even harmful to Japan’s national benefits.

First, it is an unreliable logic for Japan to think that the United States would choose to support Japan at a crucial time in order to maintain the most important alliance relations in the West Pacific.

Second, Japan's neglect of diversified discussions about China’s rise in the U.S. and amplification of the China threat theory will cause strategic misjudgment.

Third, Japan is overly dependent on the United States in terms of relations with China, while avoiding or delaying establishing long-term relations with China. Consequently, it may not only lose strategic opportunities to establish long-term relations with China, but also lose the trust of the United States.

Japan’s petty trick to urge the United States to suppress China in pursuit of short-term tactical benefits will lead to major strategic mistakes. In that case, Japan will lose more than the China-Japan relations. To get out of the dilemma, Japan needs to show its sincerity and take practical actions.

Read the Chinese version: 日本促美压华打错了算盘, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Zhang Yun

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