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Noda’s intention of using words of old Japanese navy

(People's Daily Online)

16:38, October 18, 2012

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda used the words used by old Japanese navy before and after the World War II such as“more strenuous efforts and hard work” when he spoke to servicemen and women at a large-scale naval review held by Japanese Self-Defense Forces on Oct. 14, 2012, which arouse heated controversy.

The naval review was a regular annual parade of Japanese Self-Defense Forces. However, due to the sensitive and grave atmosphere between Japan and China and South Korea caused by territorial disputes, Noda's remarks are easily weighed by media outlets of the three countries, no matter contents or words. In this context, the words used by Noda sounded particularly harsh.

Actually, the ultimate intention for Noda to use these obsolete words is to lay a foundation for the political election, consolidate the right-wing forces supported inside and outside the Democratic Party and pull up the ever-falling public support rate.

Under the situation of difficult and complicated domestic and foreign affairs, Noda hoped to use special words to attract people's eyes, attempting to show friendliness to the public with a center-right ideology by using words in the time of war of aggression and consolidating electoral base.

Read the Chinese version: 评论:野田阅舰滥用二战用语意欲何为, source: Beijing News

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