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Belarusian logistics

(People's Daily Online)

16:19, October 18, 2012

Belarus takes advantage of its geographic position to develop logistic centers on the routes where goods are transported from Europe to Asia.

In accordance with the national logistics system development program designed for the period ending 2015, 50 logistics centers will be built, including 18 centers that will be equipped to handle the final processing of products. Foreign investors will play an important role here. Both Western and Eastern investors have been genuinely interested in the development of logistics infrastructure in Belarus, especially after the country had become a member of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space.

Logistics has become a significant industry for Belarus. This service is estimated to bring up to 40 percent of income of the transportation industry and could account for up to 10 percent of GDP growth. By 2015, the country plans to earn as much as $ 2.4 billion on transit, a 1.6-fold growth against 2010.

There are 41 logistics centers in the country (25 of which are state-established, and 16 are created through investment agreements). Most of them are located in Minsk oblast – 22, since it is the crossroads of the international transport corridors. Brest, Vitebsk and Grodno oblasts have 4 centers each, while Mogilev and Gomel oblasts host 2 centers each. In 2011, a big “24” logistics A+ class center has started its work near Minsk, a joint project of Belarusian and Baltic transportation companies.


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