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White House congratulates EU on winning Nobel Peace Prize


14:25, October 13, 2012

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- The White House on Friday congratulated the European Union (EU) on winning the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

"This award recognizes Europe's commitment to the principles of democracy, freedom and human rights, as well as its efforts to advance these values across the world," U.S. National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a White House statement.

"In addition, it reflects the spirit and dedication of the Europeans to coexist peacefully in a society that draws strength from the diversity of its people, its languages and its cultures," Vietor said, noting that the United States is "pleased" to see the EU recognized for its achievements.

The EU was awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for advancing "peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe" for over six decades, Thorbjoen Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said earlier in the day.

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PD User at 2012-10-1480.94.16.*
2012-10-13.West show circus with the Nobel Peace Prize at present laureat"s become UE.Ridicules The Nobel Peace a idea.UE to be acctives participant"s war"s Afghanistan and Libya.Their a canon"s democracy and rigt"s of human"s be a propagandas for naives.UE laureat show"s own ineffectuals economicals have big crisis debt"s reallity they be worthy a prize.Remain parody with The Nobel Peace Prize.Mhmm may Commitet is jury wait prize support and to help debt UE after all it 1 000 000 dollar"s for poor UE.White House congratulate but not give money.

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