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Can US ‘enjoy the downward slide?’

(People's Daily Online)

07:52, October 08, 2012

Maybe the United States should learn from Britain “to decline gracefully,” Professor Meghnad Desai, an Indian-born member of the British House of Lords, said in his recent article, “America, Enjoy the Downward Slide.”

Americans have said similar things before. However, American leaders are obsessed with “building a peaceful world under the U.S. rule.” Although it is “forced to contract its forces,” the United States is still busy launching “color revolutions” and promoting “neo-interventionism” around the world.

The United States may still be a superpower, but its influence has declined markedly.

The American continents are the backyard of the United States. The country used to have the final say on who would serve as the secretary general of the Organization of American States, but the organization has repeatedly rejected candidates recommended by the United States for the post in recent years. In addition, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended the recent Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran, Iran despite opposition from the United States.

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Lamashtar at 2012-10-1024.139.59.*
It"s the difference between the rich who rule and the public who have little voice. The American public, for the most part, doesn"t want hegemony or empire. The big corporations and the politicians who speak for them do! Who"s in charge..?
elee at 2012-10-08183.39.19.*
That is one of the most straightforward and honest opinions of many being written from foreign bodies about the USA, China and those Far East regional nations on the matters of peace and developments. Well done!
McCarthy at 2012-10-08206.125.81.*
This not the course the United States will follow i.e.(Peace and development), the US will never give up it"s crazy idea of a manifest destiny which by divine guidance means world hegemony under a US dictatership. If you listen to President Obama, in every speech or political ralley he touts the spreading of United States Capitalist values (which are values only in the sense of putting a price tag on everything even human beings). So if the world is awaiting for the light to shine on the truely evil empire of the United States, I would say hell will freeze over first.

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