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Indonesia, Malaysia to jointly patrol on border


13:11, September 26, 2012

JAKARTA, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Indonesian Armed Forces and the Malaysian counterpart will hold joint patrols to monitor the boundary between the two countries on Kalimantan island, local media reported on Wednesday.

A total of 37 border security personnel from Indonesia and 26 from Malaysia will take part in the week-long operation, an Indonesian senior military officer overseeing border area with Malaysia, Brig. Gen. Gadang Pambudi, said.

"The joint foot patrol will be (carried out) to check on border markers, but it will be more about (initiating a) border security arrangement," Gadang said on Tuesday.

The two-star general added that the sentry will check 316 border markers and determine whether they have been moved or not.

"We admit that there are several border markers with problems, whether they have disappeared or (been) moved. For the time being we will jointly define their position," he was quoted as saying by the Jakarta Globe.

Indonesia and Malaysia have long-standing differences regarding the exact position of the border markers, frequently igniting tension between the two countries.

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