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Russia to launch 1st privately-designed satellite in 2013


09:05, September 25, 2012

MOSCOW, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- Russia will launch its first privately-built satellite in 2013, a space company said Monday.

The 50-kg satellite of the DX1-class will be designed to fine-tune a satellite platform, monitor the movement of ships in the world's oceans and test a variety of payloads, Dauria Aerospace company told Moscow's business newspaper RBC Daily. ( The satellite will be launched and operated in 2013. Dauria also plans to start manufacturing the second satellite by the end of 2012, its CEO Mikhail Kokorich said.

Dauria Aerospace is the first space company established by private investors in Russia and the first Russian private company signed public-private partnership with Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos, the company said on its website, adding it was aiming to "create a new space economy."

Dauria Aerospace is registered in Skolkovo of the Moscow region, often dubbed the "Russian Silicon Valley". Beside designing satellites, the company also operates a retail chain of electronic gadgets and household utilities stores.

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