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Obama asserts to Egyptian president his rejection of anti-Islam movie


08:53, September 24, 2012

CAIRO, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama asserted Saturday his rejection of the vindictive anti-Islam movie and stressed "violence against the innocent is not justified," official news agency MENA reported.

In a letter to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Obama expressed his appreciation for Egypt's efforts to secure the U.S. missions in Cairo, MENA quoted a press statement of presidency spokesperson Yasser Ali as saying.

Obama also expressed thanks for the statements issued by Morsi following the recent events targeting the U.S. embassy in Cairo, to condemn violence and assert protection for the diplomatic mission.

The U.S. president described Morsi's statements as part of the Egyptian values which boost the mutual partnership, saying he is looking forward to work with Morsi in the coming months to continue progress in the strategic partnership between Egypt and the United States.

On Sept. 11, Several thousands of Egyptians surrounded the U.S. embassy in Cairo in protest of the movie that insults Muslim's Prophet Mohammed, the clashes between the angry protesters and security forces left one died and more than 250 people injured.

The movie also infuriated the Muslim communities worldwide and in particular sparked protests and assaults against the U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

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