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Why are there so many single beauties in Thailand?

(People's Daily Online)

15:03, September 18, 2012

Thai beauties. (File photo/ People’s Daily Online)

Edited and Translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

Thai women cannot help but opt to remain single. The ratio of male to female in Thailand is 1 to 2, which means the number of females is one time more than that of males. Social circumstance also makes marriage less selectable and eligible for Thai women.

When talking about the reasons why they don’t get married, many Thai women say sarcastically that Thai men are divided into two kinds--the feminized and the playboys.

In such a social circumstance, single live can be better and happier.

Thailand is famous for its lady boys whose amount is expanding rapidly under a relative flexible social environment and the recognition of the people. Affected by this trend, Thai men tend to be more and more feminized.

Thai men are leisurely and carefree and many of them don’t take love seriously. Therefore Thai women lack sense of security and trust towards Thai men.

Besides, Thai females have become more and more independent and confident in their careers and social lives, making them enjoy more and more the unmarried freedom.

It is obvious that when Thai women decide whether to remain single they will first think about the influence of marriage to their lives and their willingness to get married instead of entrusting their lives to their male partners.
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