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Attacks spurred tragically mistaken wartime strategy

By Clifford Kiracofe (Global Times)

09:51, September 11, 2012

Americans are commemorating the September 11 terrorist attack against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon but Washington's policies have failed the American people. With trillions of dollars wasted on the unnecessary Iraq and Afghanistan wars, extremism is spreading apace in the Muslim world.

Both the Afghan and Iraq wars are presented to the US public as victories when, in fact, they are costly failures. US leadership elites learned no appropriate lessons and drew no appropriate conclusions, as the recent war against Libya and the present campaign against Syria indicate.

These policy failures are not attributable to one or the other major political party in the US. Both the Iraq and Afghan wars were supported by the overwhelming majority of the leadership in both parties.

The September 11 event triggered justifiable punitive action against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which was colluding with Al Qaeda.

The Afghan situation, however, was immediately used by the neoconservative policy network inside then US president George W. Bush's administration to promote an unnecessary war against Iraq. The war was undertaken after deceiving the American people and the world about Iraq and its regime.

The war against Iraq was promoted as part of the so-called "long war" against international terrorism. The Iraqi regime, of course, had no relations with Al Qaeda and international terrorism. Nor did it have the weapons of mass destruction US propaganda alleged.

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