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Rhythm Media Group launches English website

(People's Daily Online)

13:13, September 01, 2012

Homepage's screenshot of, an English-language website operated by US-based Rhythm Media Group, will be officially launched on Sep. 1, 2012.

With an explicit market positioning and specific goals, the website aims to provide news and features about China and the United States, the world's largest economies.

Utilizing the strong resource base of Rhythm Media Group, features colorful and diverse columns, which include China News, Sino-US, Laowai in China, Foreign Perspective, Culture, Life, etc, providing its readers with news and insights on China's current affairs, culture, business, life and travel, as well as top political and economic news related to China and the United States.

Sino-US, a key column of, reflects political and economic exchanges between China and the United States. Foreign Perspective incorporates insights of mainstream international media on the Chinese society. Laowai in China offers an interactive platform where foreigners and multinational companies share their stories and experiences in China. serves as a bridge between China and the United States, and keeps readers interested in Sino-US relations better informed by providing objective news and abundant information.

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