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Latest poll shows most Americans still expect Obama to win reelection


09:18, August 28, 2012

TAMPA, the United States, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- As the Republican National Convention (RNC), which will nominate Mitt Romney as the party's presidential nominee, opened in a low-key ceremony Monday, a latest poll showed that most Americans still predict that President Barack Obama will win the race in November.

Fifty-eight Americans expect Obama to win the reelection on Nov. 6, up 2 percent from last survey in May, while 36 percent say Romney will win, unchanged from May, according to the USA Today/ Gallup poll conducted on Aug. 20-22.

This reflects that, despite the past three-month hard campaigning, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has generally failed to increase his support among American voters.

Obama's supporters are much more optimistic than Romney's. Eighty-six percent of Obama supporters say he will win the race, compared to 9 percent who think he will lose. Meanwhile, 65 percent of Romney supporters think he will win the election, compared to 28 percent who predict that he will lose.

Democrats are also more optimistic than Republicans about their candidate's chances, with 80 percent of Democrats predicting an Obama win, compared to 60 percent of Republicans expecting Romney to win.

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