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Massive fire reduces Dubai perfume factory to rubble


10:10, August 23, 2012

DUBAI, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- A fire broke out in a perfume factory in Dubai's industrial district Ras al-Khor and destroyed the factory along with four warehouses on Wednesday, local media said, adding that no casualties have been reported.

The fire broke out in the afternoon and lasted about six hours. Fire brigades have not put it under control but have prevented it from spreading to an adjacent lubricant and mechanical garage.

More details about the damages were not immediately available.

A huge column of smoke rose above the industrial area near Dubai International Airport.

Police officers at the scene said no one has got injured in the fire.

One policeman said that the cause of the fire may be people's carelessness, such as a thrown-away cigarette.

The police and ambulance staff were busy dispersing bystanders surrounding the scene, as the smoke from the perfumes and sprays could be dangerous.

Fires frequently break out at factory sites and warehouses in Dubai during the summer as the temperature can easily reach over 45 degrees Celsius.
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