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Death toll from Saturday's quake rises to 6 in Indonesia


13:30, August 21, 2012

JAKARTA, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- The death toll from the strong shallow quake in Central Sulawesi of Indonesia on Saturday has increased to 6 with 43 others suffering from injury, official said here on Tuesday.

Spokesman of the National Disaster Management and Mitigation Agency Sutopo Nugroho said that 8 out of the 43 injured persons suffered from serious wounds.

"The death toll has reached to 6 now with 43 suffering from injury," he told Xinhua over phone.

As many as 471 houses were damaged with 165 of them totally collapsed, and 3 mosque, 2 churches and 2 school building were also damaged, said Sutopo.

The quake measuring 6.3 on the Richter, according to the USGS, had triggered landslide that cut off the affected areas in Sigi district near Palu, the provincial capital of Central Sulawesi, said Sutopo Nugroho, spokesman of the National Disaster Management and Mitigation Agency.

But by now, only one sub-district remained could not be accessed through land, said Sutopo.

"We have sent two helicopters today (Tuesday) to reach the areas that we have not accessed to assess the damage and victims there and distribute relief aids," he told Xinhua over phone.

The spokesman said that the disaster had made over one thousands people escape their houses and take shelters at local office building, relative houses and makeshift tents outside their houses.

Indonesia is vulnerable on earthquake as it sits on a vulnerable quake-hit zone so called "the Pacific Ring of Fire."
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