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Combination of nature and energy-saving technologies

By Correspondent of People's Daily in Singapore Wang Hui (People's Daily Online)

14:28, August 15, 2012

Edited and Translated by Chen Lidan and Zhu Rui, People's Daily Online

Speaking of green buildings, many people are most likely to think of new high-rise buildings equipped with various kinds of high-tech energy-saving programs. However, the plain three-story building in front of the correspondent is an authentic architecture without energy consumption after renovation.

The first architecture without energy consumption rebuilt from the existing building in Southeast Asia is located in Singapore BCA Academy. The building was for technical training. After renovation, offices, classrooms and resource centers are established.

At first glance, apart from green plants which cover exterior walls on the corridor and murmuring of running water, the green building is not different from other normal office buildings. Originally, the correspondent even thought she went to the wrong place. However, entering the office, the correspondent immediately figured out a distinct difference, that is, the light is not as intense as that in normal offices. However, when people sit in front of desk, the light is bright enough for them to work. Looking up, the correspondent found a round lamp on the ceiling, like a small yard, from which the light comes.

Cheng Zhi, China Regional Director of Agency for International Development, Singapore Building and Construction Authority, said that the light is sunlight, which is refracted into the room through light pipes. There are some electric lamps on the ceiling. But due to the sufficient light, these lamps are turned off. “Sensors are also installed in the office to measure the intensity of illumination. If light is sufficient, the system will be closed automatically. There is a small LED desk lamp in front of each desk in case light is not strong enough,” Cheng said. Natural lighting saves energy, making less artificial lighting possible.

Such a yard-shaped lamp of natural lighting can meet the requirement of an office holding about 10 people. Turning on the light in another small office, Cheng added, “Light pipe can adjust the intensity of natural light. Today is cloudy so lamps are switched to the maximum. The light is still bright enough and fluorescent lamps are not needed.”

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