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Japan, the deputy sheriff in Asia?

(People's Daily Online)

08:17, August 15, 2012

Since the United States declared to move its strategic focus towards the east, it keeps strengthening its alliance with Japan and emphasizing that this ally should play a "footstone" role in guaranteeing the security of the Asia-Pacific Region. Japan is cooperating greatly and its role in the regional security area is changing into the "deputy sheriff" of Asia for the United States. It is mainly reflected in five areas.

First, Japan is wantonly meddling in South China Sea affairs. Japan has declared many times its stand of emphasizing the “navigation freedom” of the South China Sea. Japan and the Philippines have signed a defensive cooperation agreement and will carry out joint maritime trainings and share maritime security intelligence. Japan and Vietnam have signed the “Maritime Strategic Security Agreement.” In addition, Japan has also decided to hold a special summit on the maritime security with the ASEAN.

Second, Japan is actively helping the United States weave the military partnership network in the Asia-Pacific Region. The military partnership network, which takes “the United States + Japan + one” (such as the United States + Japan + South Korea, the United States + Japan + Australia and the United States + Japan + India) as the framework, is extending from Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia to South Asia. They hold security consultation meetings and coordinate their stands periodically, or bring in advanced weapons in large scales to expand their armaments, or hold various military drills in turn.
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