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Chaotic situation continues in Syrian cities


08:13, August 13, 2012

DAMASCUS, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Chaotic situation continued Sunday across Syria with incessant urban battles and skirmishes between the armed insurgent groups and government forces.

The state news agency SANA said security forces ambushed on Sunday an armed group at Aghyour roundabout in northern Aleppo province and killed and wounded a number of its members, adding that the locals of al-Safira area in Aleppo have prevented gunmen riding five cars that are equipped with machine guns from entering their area and appealed on competent authorities to intervene.

The state news agency also reported many casualties among armed men it said had tried on Sunday to infiltrate into Aleppo city from Bab Antakia entrance.

SANA said that with the residents' cooperation, the authorities killed a Wael Mohammad al-Majdalawi, a prominent member of the terror group 'al-Nusra Front' in Damascus.

Little is known about al-Nusra, but experts said it's linked to al-Qaida of Iraq.

Meanwhile, in central Homs province, SANA said the authorities destroyed on Sunday two hideouts of armed groups in al-Hamidieh neighborhood.

SANA said that tens of "terrorists" were killed during the operation and an ammunition dump was destroyed.

It added that the authorities pursued armed groups in al- Shammas neighborhood, pointing out that clashes between the authorities and the "terrorists"led to killing a number of " terrorists" and wounding several others.

The Syrian administration branded the rebels as terrorists, which are backed by a foreign plot with the aim to collapse the Syrian state.

Also in Homs, SANA said the authorities pursued an armed group in Talbiseh city and arrested 26 of its members, who were attacking citizens and blocking streets.
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