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Battles continue in Syria, UN observers mission concerned over ongoing violence


14:07, August 12, 2012

• UN Supervision Mission in Syria considered the situation as "volatile and unpredictable". • The authorities on Saturday pursued armed "terrorist" groups in northern Aleppo province. • Syria's newly appointed Prime Minister was sworn in on Saturday before the Bashar al-Assad.

DAMASCUS, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Urban battles and violence continued Saturday in different parts across Syria at a time the UN Supervision Mission in Syria said it's deeply concerned about the ongoing violence and considering the situation as "volatile and unpredictable."

Syria's state-run SANA news agency said the authorities on Saturday pursued armed "terrorist" groups in a number of areas in northern Aleppo province, such as in al-Fayd, al-Jamiliyeh, al- Khaldiyeh and Kafr Hamra, killing several terrorists, including four Libyans who were heading to Aleppo city to support the armed groups, according to SANA.

Also in Aleppo, SANA said army unit repelled an armed " terrorist" group that attempted to attack the Radio and TV center in al-Iza'a neighborhood, inflicting heavy losses on the assailants, some of whom were killed or injured while the rest fled the area.

SANA said that another army unit confronted an armed group that attempted to attack Aleppo's Central Prison, killing and injuring many of the attackers. It is the third attempt by the armed groups targeting the Central Prison.

On a relevant note, Aleppo governorate and civil defense began to clean up the rubble and aftermath of the destruction caused by the clashes in Salahudien neighborhood in preparation for restoring the neighborhood's infrastructure and utilities, said SANA.

In Homs, the authorities clashed with armed groups driving two vehicles equipped with Dushka machineguns as the latter tried to attack the law-enforcement forces in al-Ghasaniyeh town in al- Qseir countryside.

SANA said the two cars were destroyed and the armed men inside were killed.

In the capital Damascus, an armed group detonated on Saturday an explosive device in al-Marjeh neighborhood near Victoria Bridge and shot randomly to terrify civilians, said SANA.

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