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US has shed all credibility over Iranian nuclear issue

(Global Times)

09:55, August 10, 2012

Illustration: Sun Ying

US actions in relation to Iran have raised troubling questions about whether or not the US is interested in a multilateral solution to the current issue or is merely interested in imposing its own will upon Iran and the rest of the world.

The recently passed Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Human Rights Act marks another escalation in US attempts to economically isolate Iran.

Additionally, the Obama administration's sanctions against the Bank of Kunlun represent a blatant violation of international law in the pursuit of US foreign policy.

These two actions call into question the validity of the entire P5+1 diplomatic process in the face of a nation that seeks to wield a unilateral veto over the course of negotiations with Iran.

China's trade with Iran complies fully with international law and current UN Security Council resolutions.

More importantly, these US sanctions assert the right to control the economic activity of Chinese citizens and companies in order to advance US goals.

Instead of working in partnership with China, these actions prove that the US is only interested in China's obedience when it comes to Iran. They also call the multilateral nature of negotiations with Iran into doubt.

A US so wedded to unilateral action is unlikely to feel bound by any agreements made, whether through the P5+1 talks or other parties.

This has already occurred once, with the successful US opposition to the 2010 Turkish and Brazilian offer to refine Iranian uranium in return for concessions on the part of Iran.

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