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Obama tries to divert public attention with Romney bashing


07:59, August 10, 2012

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. presidential campaign is getting ugly, as an ad from a super political action committee backing President Barack Obama is charging his Republican challenger Mitt Romney with responsibility for a woman's death.

A new attack ad blames Romney for a woman's death due to cancer after his former company Bain Capital shuttered a steel mill several years ago where the woman's husband was employed. The husband, Joe Soptic, said in the ad that as a result of the shutdown, he and his family lost their healthcare.

But CNN reported Wednesday that the ad was inaccurate. Soptic told CNN by phone that his wife had still been covered by her employer-provided insurance, but lost coverage when she left her job due to an injury and had no fallback insurance from her husband.

A few years later she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and died within a week.

The ad follows the trend of the Obama camp painting Romney, a former millionaire businessman, as a heartless rich guy far removed from average Americans.

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