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Syria's future is uncertain

(People's Daily Online)

14:58, August 09, 2012

Recently, Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab "defected" and joined the Syrian opposition, becoming the highest-ranking official breaking away from the Syrian government. This information has turned the prospects of the Bashar administration and Syria into international focal points once again.

Currently, the strength of the Syrian opposition is growing and Syria is gradually walking toward a general civil war. In addition, the West is also tightening the rope around the neck of Bashar al-Assad.

Large Western countries insist on refusing talking with the current Syrian government and are trying to join hands with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries to implement their plan of overthrowing the Bashar administration by going around the United Nations.

In this situation, the "opportunity window" for solving the Syria issue in a political way is closing. The West's intention of carrying out a military intervention will not change and it seems that the Syrian opposition's "courage and capacity" are also growing.

Within Syria, the racial and religious contractions that have been pressed for a long period will break out and mix with the struggles among different forces for the state power and reallocation of resources. Therefore, it is hard for Syria to have a peaceful situation.

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