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Egypt's President Morsi meets Iranian VP


08:41, August 09, 2012

CAIRO, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi met on Wednesday with Iranian Vice President Hamid Baqai, who delivered Morsi an invitation to attend the summit of the Non- Aligned Movement (NAM) to be held late this month in Tehran.

After talks with Morsi, Baqai told reporters he was pleased to be in a great Islamic country like Egypt, expressing hope that Morsi would attend the NAM summit.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said "As you know Egypt is the current president of the NAM and Iran would be the next president in the upcoming period. Hence, there will be an exchange process of NAM presidency in Tehran on August 30."

Amr said Egypt was considering Iran's invitation to Morsi for the NAM summit, pointing out that Egypt is required to participate in order to hand over the NAM presidency to Iran in this year's session.

Egypt's presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said Tuesday Morsi didn't decide yet whether to attend the summit or not.

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