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Carbon-free supermarket values long-term benefits

By correspondents of People's Daily in Thailand Ji Peijuan and Han Shuo (People's Daily Online)

09:58, August 08, 2012

Asia's first carbon-free supermarket is located in Bang Phra of Chon Buri, about 100 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Thailand. Most of the roof of the yellow single-story building is tilted facing the sun. The khaki symbol "Carbon-free" beside the sign "Tesco Lotus" is very eye-catching. At the entrance, a white windmill is twirling with the wind, adding the pastoral flavor to the single-story building.

Entering the parking lot, the reporter saw that a layer of gravel with numerous holes is paved on the ground. The supermarket manager told the reporter that the porous concrete is paved on the ground, instead of the solid concrete, since the holes can absorb water so that the heat evaporates faster and does not spread to the supermarket. The external walls of the supermarket are built with yellow rammed earth, not cement and lime. It was just the noon time, the reporter put his hand to the wall and still felt a little cool. The manager said that the walls made of rammed earth can reduce the intrusion of outdoor heat and maintain the indoor coolness with the carbon emission lower than reinforced concrete.

One of administrative staff pointed to the natural skylights saying, "These natural skylights allow the light into the room during the day and the UV shading can block heat. There is a huge mirror in the south side of supermarket. Moreover, an automatic light modulator in the supermarket can detect and adjust the light intensity."

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