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Syrian refugees face harsh living conditions in Lebanon


08:50, August 07, 2012

BEIRUT, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- Cities and villages of Lebanon's eastern Bekaa valley are overcrowded with Syrian families, who fled their homeland for fear of deteriorated security situation but only found themselves living in car parks and underground shelter, as there are no more decent rooms or apartments.

Safi El Issa, who left Syria's Homs province after his house and butchery were destroyed during the fighting between government forces and rebels, told Xinhua that "where to stay is not important. What is basic for me is to keep my wife and five children safe."

"I used to have a house (in Syria), but now I am living in a garage still under construction. Here, I only have a small cooking gas and at the end of the garage there is a small bathroom," he said, complaining that renting the car park cost him 100 U.S. dollars per month in the neighborhood of Zahle.

He added "I do not care about this. What is worrying me is the continued violence in Syria... If by winter the situation is not solved, then I would have to worry about the cost of heating fuel. "

Ali EL Mawla, from Syria's economic hub Aleppo, points to hard financial situation as the reason for him to rent the roof of a store for 100 dollars a month and use the tissue of a tent to mark an area of 12 square meters, so that his family of five children could have shelter.
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