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U.S. Embassy in Manila closes due to heavy flooding


08:40, August 02, 2012

Manila, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Massive flooding due to heavy rain brought by typhoon "Saolar" has forced the U.S. Embassy in Manila to halt its operations Wednesday.

"The decision to close the Embassy and cancel Consular appointments was made mainly out of concern for those people waiting outside the compound who were affected by knee-deep water and heavy traffic along Roxas Boulevard (where the embassy is located)," an embassy statement said.

The embassy's buildings and offices have not sustained any damage from the flood but its operations will remain suspended until further notice.

Some embassy offices, however, will operate from the U.S. Seafront Compound in Pasay City.

"We will provide an update at the earliest opportunity as to when Embassy services will resume. The safety of our visitors and our employees will remain our first priority in determining the viability of our operations," the statement said.

For those with scheduled visa interviews, it said the embassy' s consular section will be in touch to reschedule it in the coming few days.

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