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Syrian president rebuilds administration pillars


07:56, July 25, 2012

DAMASCUS, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rebuilt the pillars of his administration on Tuesday by appointing five security officials to sensitive positions in a bid to control the months-long crisis a week after a bomb rocked a high-profile meeting attended by his inner circle.

A source told Xinhua Tuesday that Maj-Gen Mohammad Deib Zaitoon has been appointed as the chief of the Syrian Intelligence, while Maj-Gen Ali Yunus is appointed as the chief of the military intelligence.

Maj-Gen Ali Mamlouk is appointed as the head of the National Security, replacing Hisham Ikhtiar, who was killed in last week's bombing.

Maj-Gen Abdulfattah Qudsieh is appointed as deputy National Security chief.

Meanwhile, Rustom Ghazaleh, former head of Syrian military intelligence in Lebanon, is appointed as the head of the Syrian Political Security.

The appointment came after last Wednesday's bombing that ripped through a high-level meeting and killed four security officials from the inner circle of President Assad. The bombing hit the Syrian administration to the core.

Syrian Defense Minister Dawood Rajha, his Deputy Assef Shawkat, National Security chief Hisham Ikhtiar and crisis management head Hassan Turkmani were killed by the explosion, and Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Sha'ar was injured in the blast. Shawkat was also the president's brother-in-law.

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