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Afghan forces take over security charge of Kandahar


11:04, July 19, 2012

Afghan security forces stand guard during the security transition ceremony in Kandahar province, south of Afghanistan, July 18, 2012. Afghan security forces took over the security responsibility of major parts of Kandahar province 450 km south of capital city Kabul on Wednesday. (Xinhua/Arghnad)

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, July 18 (Xinhua) -- Afghan security forces took over the security responsibility of major parts of Kandahar province, 450 km south of capital city Kabul, on Wednesday.

"I am confident that the national security forces of Afghanistan are capable enough to take over the security charge of the country by 2014 when the NATO-led force complete its pull out," Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak told the security transition ceremony.

He also called on the international community to assist Afghanistan in providing training and equipment to its security forces, especially in rebuilding its air force.

The security responsibility of provincial capital Kandahar city, Dand, Daman and Arghandab districts was formally handed over from NATO-led troops to Afghan forces Wednesday.

Afghan forces assumed the security charge of Uruzgan province on Tuesday.

The security transition process from NATO-led force to Afghan government began on July 2011 and is scheduled to complete by the end of 2014.


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