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Food recall after listeria claims two lives in New Zealand


10:54, July 19, 2012

WELLINGTON, July 19 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand food safety authorities began recalling packages of ready-to-eat meat after an outbreak of listeria, which was involved in the deaths of two people in the eastern North Island region of Hawke's Bay.

The Hawke's Bay District Health Board (HBDHB) issued a statement Thursday saying four people had been diagnosed with listeria two of whom were elderly and immune compromised and subsequently died.

HBDHB chief executive Kevin Snee said the HBDHB was working closely with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to establish the source of the outbreak.

Samples of ready-to-eat meats supplied to the hospital where the people fell ill had tested positive to listeria, Snee said in the statement.

All of the hospital's supplied ready-to-eat meat had since been quarantined and the results were part of an investigation into the source of the outbreak, he said.

Director of public health Caroline McElnay said in the statement that listeria had a long incubation period of up to several weeks.

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