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Hillary Clinton encounters 'Monica' chants in Egypt

(People's Daily Online)

14:56, July 17, 2012

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (File photo/ Xinhua)

Edited and Translated by Mimie Ouyang, People's Daily Online

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade was sent off by a shower of tomatoes and shoes as she left the newly opened U.S. consulate in Alexandria in Egypt on Sunday, July 15, 2012. A senior U.S. official said Clinton was not hit. However, one Egyptian official was hit in the face by a tomato in amidst the protest whilst shoes and water bottles landed in the vicinity of the convoy.

Angry Egyptian protesters were heard to be shouting "Monica, Monica" – referring to Monica Lewinsky, the former white house intern who claimed to have an affair with former President Bill Clinton. Banners were also carried with the words - "Hilary Clinton: You Are Not Welcome in Egypt" splashed across them.

It was not clear who the protesters were on Sunday or what their political affiliations were. Demonstrations have however become more and more common since former President Hosni Mubarak was brought down from power by the mass street protests last year in Egypt.

On Saturday, protesters gathered outside Clinton's hotel in Cairo and chanted anti-Islamist slogans, accusing the United States of backing the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power, to which Clinton retorted back on the day of her speech: "I want to be clear, the United Stated is not in the business, in Egypt, of choosing winners and losers, even if we could, which of course we cannot."

She goes on to say to the Egyptian people: "We are prepared to work with you as you chart your course, as you establish your democracy. We want to stand for principles, for values, not for people or for parties," according to Xinhua.



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