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Obama’s mouth vs Romney’s big pile of money

(Global Times)

08:46, July 16, 2012

In a recent report, Obama called on his big donors from 2008 to support him by donating more money for his reelection, because, he said "I can't do this by myself, and the progress we've made could unravel pretty quickly." In blunter words, please hurry to give away your money, or my dream of a second term will be broken.

This May, the money Mitt Romney, Obama's opponent, raised exceeded Obama's for the first time, which has put huge pressure on Obama.

Although the US presidential election is not a fundraising contest, Obama's ability to run the reelection and the ability to make advertisements impacting swing voters both directly depend on how generous the rich are in supporting him.

Due to Romney's many irresponsible statements, people generally believe it is easier for Obama, a talented speaker, to win the voters' hearts. Obama's previous success certainly came from his eloquence, and he won a large number of supporters and a great deal of money along with them mostly with his speeches.

In fact, in the 2008 presidential election, Obama raised more money than any previous candidate in US history.

Obviously, people's minds are easily swayed, especially among independent and swing voters who make up a large voting group and play a crucial role in the election.

Obama and Romney are competing to attract those voters with all kinds of primetime TV commercials and prominent newspaper adverts.

As Obama has said, whether he can win more swing voters depends on the quality and quantity of the advertisements, and thus how much funding he has, and how generous his donors are.

In other words, if he runs fewer adverts than Romney and fails to be heard by voters, he may be beaten by the rich Romney with overwhelming advertisements.

In the US presidential election, Obama's mouth may not be as powerful as Romney's money.


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