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Positive momentum of China-Africa bilateral trade: report

(People's Daily Online)

13:11, July 11, 2012

Shenzhen, July 11 (People’s Daily Online) – AsiaInspection, leading provider of quality control services for businesses importing from Asia, announces the AsiaInspection Q2 2012 Barometer, a quarterly synopsis of Asia-based manufacturing and the quality control service industry.

Africa: A growing destination for “Made-in-China”

AsiaInspection’s Q2 figures indicate that Africa is a growing importer of Made-in-Asia products, particularly Made-in-China. The growth in demand for quality control in Asia from African importers outperformed that of all other regions by more than 20 percent, increasing +23 percent from the first half of 2011 to the first half of 2012. According to AsiaInspection data, most active importers are found in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt), South Africa and Nigeria, with a notable uptick in lesser known countries Botswana, Ghana and Ethiopia.

These findings are representative of global data regarding China – Africa trade which saw 2010-2011 imports from China increase 23.7 percent to 73 billion U.S. dollars (source: Standard Bank Group). Over the past few years, China has become Africa’s largest individual trading partner, with trade volumes exceeding 160 billion U.S. dollars in 2011.

AsiaInspection data, based on manufactured products inspected in Asia, shows total African imports from China are dominated by textiles and footwear.

In the first half of 2012, these categories made up 80 percent of all products inspected in China by African importers.

While lower in total size compared with textiles and footwear, industrial and construction items have seen triple-digit growth in inspection demand from African importers, reflecting increasing infrastructure demands in Africa.

Data suggests a more mature and organized supply chain based on the type of quality control services being requested by African importers sourcing from China.

Comparing the first half of 2011 to the first half of 2012, African demand for Factory Audits, an ISO 9000 assessment of a factory, has more than tripled. Intriguing figures as audits are nearly always performed either when a new supplier is selected, or a new commitment for production is placed.

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