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Myanmar universities to cooperate with U.S., France in education sector


11:13, June 09, 2012

YANGON, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Some of Myanmar's leading universities will cooperate with the United States and France in the education sector to upgrade the education standard of the country, according to local media report.

Former Yangon University will cooperate with Johns Hopkins University of the U.S. in teaching Law and political science while Mandalay University with University Lyons 2 and University Montpellier 2 from France, and Pathein University with French University Montpellier 2 respectively, said the Pyi Myanmar News.

Former Yangon University, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, will establish the Center of Excellence.

Pathein University and University Montpellier 2 have reached agreement in cooperation in bio-science research.

Moreover, the Asia Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organization, also offered to provide necessary books and documents, and support the online library system in Myanmar.

Official statistics show that the number of state-operated basic education schools in Myanmar has increased to 41,000 where over 8.1 million students are pursuing education under the guidance of over 270,000 teachers.

In the higher education sector, there has been 161 universities and colleges in operation around the country.


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