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Egyptian general prosecutor to appeal against verdicts in Mubarak's trial


09:38, June 04, 2012

CAIRO, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian general prosecutor will appeal against the verdicts made by the Cairo Criminal Court over trials of ex-President Hosni Mubarak, his two sons, former Interior Minister Habib Adli and his six aides, state TV reported on Sunday.

The state TV failed to make clear which verdict exactly the general prosecutor will appeal against.

Meanwhile, five aides of Habib Adli were freed on the day's evening after getting the final documents for the release.

The sixth assistant, former chief of the now-defunct State Security Agency Hassan Abdel-Rahman, will remain in detention due to charges in another case, official news agency MENA reported.

Earlier on the day, the country's top prosecutor Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud ordered that a travel ban imposed on them since February 2011 will remain valid.

On Saturday, Egyptian presiding Judge, Ahmed Refaat, announced after 49 sessions of trial over the past 10 months that the court decided to sentence Mubarak and Habib Adli to life terms for charges of killing protesters in the popular demonstration last year.

Adli's six assistants were acquitted, said Refaat.

In a land deal case involving Mubarak, his sons Alaa and Gamal, and businessman Hussein Salem, the court said the charges had passed the period of 10 years for legal action. Mubarak was also acquitted in another case of power abuse.


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