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Violence continues between Sudan, South Sudan: South Sudan UN envoy


08:46, May 17, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, May 16 (Xinhua) -- After the evacuation of the South Sudan Police Service(SSPS) from Abyei, violence continues to ensue between Sudan and South Sudan, according to South Sudan's UN Ambassador Francis Nazario, who spoke to reporters here on Wednesday.

"The police forces were transported by UN vehicles to villages and localities out of the area," said Nazario. "The withdrawal was witnessed by UNISFA (UN Interim Security Force for Abyei), and some committee leaders, now there are no South Sudan police forces in the area."

An estimated 700 members of the SSPS were ordered to evacuate from Abyei by South Sudan Inspector General Acuil Tito on May 10. Still, after the evacuation, Sudanese Armed Forces continue to target South Sudan, according to Nazario, who said that "despite this act of peace, the government of Sudan, has regrettably continued to launch attacks targeted toward South Sudan and its people."

Nazario also confirmed the willingness of the South Sudan government to return to the negotiating table in accordance to the African Union Peace and Security Council plan.

"This negotiation should be comprehensive, as called forward by the AU road map," he said.

He also called upon the international community to step in and to ensure peace for the country.

"We now call upon the international community to secure peace and to move forward, by securing the full compliance of the government of Sudan," said Nazario.

The UNISFA reported last Friday that South Sudan's inspector general officially ordered the withdrawal of the South Sudan police service from the Abyei area last Thursday.

The Security Council established the UNISFA in June last year following an outbreak of violence after Sudanese troops took control of the area, displacing tens of thousands of people weeks before South Sudan became independent in July 2011 after seceding from Sudan.

A referendum that would have determined the status of Abyei in January last year failed to take place amid disagreements on voter eligibility.

Efforts to establish temporary administrative arrangements for Abyei also foundered because both sides were reluctant to withdraw their forces from the area.


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