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Libya nearing key moment in democratic transition: UN envoy


09:03, May 11, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, May 10 (Xinhua) -- Libya is nearing a key moment in its democratic transition with upcoming elections, the United Nations envoy for the North African country said here Thursday.

The upcoming polls, first of its kind since the October 2011 death of former Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, are just one part of a process that requires addressing key issues such as ensuring public security and promoting human rights, said the secretary-general's special representative for Libya, Ian Martin, in his briefing to the UN Security Council.

"Elections are part of the transition; they are not the beginning and not the end," he said.

"Elections will help address some of the issues which plague the transitional authorities, but following the elections, Libyans must re-commit themselves to serious long-term state-building," he said.

Just more than one million people have so far registered to vote in the election of a National Congress, which will, among other tasks, draft a new constitution for the North African country.

The polls, to be held by late June, will be the first free elections in decades in Libya, where Gaddafi ruled for more than 40 years until a pro-democracy uprising last year led to civil war and the deposing of his regime.

Martin, who also heads the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), cited public security, human rights, transitional justice and the rule of law, and arms proliferation and border security as the main priorities that need to be addressed.

He noted that the Libyans'expectations of concrete progress in the post-revolution period are strongest in relation to security, where ordinary Libyans would like to see a coherent process of rebuilding institutions, establishing the rule of law and integrating the so-called revolutionary forces.

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Canada at 2012-05-1270.36.49.*
Nothing democratic about it. Pro-Gaddafi supporters continue to be murdered, tortured & raped, and aren't permitted to stand for election. Racism abounds, particularly against blacks run out of their community. Militias & tribes fighting and killing each other. The cover-up continues.

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