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Academia: United States igniting the Conflict between Philippines and China

By Ander Vltchek  (People's Daily Online)

11:10, May 08, 2012

Replica of the massacre of Chinese people(People's Daily Online/Ander Vltchek)

These days the old Clark International Airport on Luzon Island appears quiet, almost dormant. Decrepit military barracks; former symbols of the US imperialism in Philippines are now converted to logistical centers, customs houses and dormitories. The Clark airport itself is nearly idle, with only a few chartered and low cost carriers, including Air Asia, bringing in an insubstantial number of travellers to this part of Luzon located just over 100 kilometers from the national capital – Manila.

However, the tranquility of the place is deceiving and security is everywhere. I drive my rented car past the military policepost; my short haircut deceives the guard who apparently mistakes me for some GI on an outing. I park the vehicle; I casually walk to the gate that separates the airport buildings from the tarmac, and begin photographing. Surveillance system kicks in and on the way back I am stopped and questioned. “I am an American historian”, I explain. “I am writing a book about the glorious days of this distinctive US air force base - the pride of my nation.” The guard does not get my sarcasm.

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Observer at 2012-05-09180.190.254.*
The problem with this article, as with all articles printed in People"s Daily, is that there is an obvious bias and as always, no opposing views. Hard to believe that which will not stand the test of opposing opinions.
sysborg at 2012-05-09128.218.230.*
If China is interested in these island, go to court and claim them legally. Bring these extra bully ships in the area only make matter worst.
James T. Kirk at 2012-05-0966.241.66.*
Your English is poor.

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