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Preparation for parliamentarian elections underway in Syria


09:47, May 03, 2012

DAMASCUS, May 2 (Xinhua) -- Amid serious life-threatening situation, preparations for the forthcoming parliamentarian elections are in full swing and most runners have shown unwavering resolve to go on with promises to confront what they regard as foreign conspiracy targeting the country.

Preparations have been on foot over the past two weeks and runners have shown feverish attempts to woo voters by bringing up the most controversial issues on the Syrian streets and making pledges to meet the Syrians' aspirations for a brighter Syria after more than 13 moths of unrest the government blames on armed groups and foreign conspiracy.

Some 7,195 candidates, including 710 women, would run for the 1st legislative chapter of the 250-seat parliament.

Voting will start on May 7, and the electoral campaigns should come to an end 48 hours ahead of the voting.

Khalaf al-Azawi, head of the higher committee for elections, told Syrian newspapers recently that the elections would be supervised by a judicial committee, in a major turnabout of the previous term that was monitored by governors only.

Streets have already been strewn with banners and posters of the candidates who have posted slogans under their photos revealing parts of their electoral programs.

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