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Kabul fighting over, all attackers killed: NATO


15:14, May 02, 2012

KABUL, May 2 (Xinhua) -- All Taliban attackers have been killed and the fighting inside a residential compound used by foreign staff of international organizations in eastern part of Afghan capital of Kabul is over, the NATO-led forces said Wednesday morning.

"Afghan Security Forces led a capable and quick response in containing and then killing all attackers," the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) forces said in a statement.

The attack occurred at about 6:15 a.m. local time when suicide car bomb targeted the entrance gate of the compound named Green Village which locates in Pul-i-Charkhi area enabling other armed militant to enter the complex, a police officer near the site told Xinhua.

At least 11 people including five attackers have been killed, according to Kabul police officials.

"According to initial ISAF reporting, a small group of insurgents conducted an attack on a private compound this morning in Kabul. The attack was unsuccessful in killing any ISAF personnel but once again, resulted in Afghan civilian casualties to include a number of wounded children," the ISAF statement said.

Taliban militants claimed the responsibility for the attack.


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