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Head of Egypt's ruling military council promises to reshuffle government


11:20, April 30, 2012

CAIRO, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's ruling military council chief Hussein Tantawi on Sunday promised Speaker of the People's Assembly (Lower House) Mohamed Saad al-Katatni that the government will be reshuffled, state TV reported.

Tantawi showed his respect to the People's Assembly during a call to Katatni, asserting that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) will reshuffle the cabinet headed by Kamal el- Ganzouri.

Tantawi assured Katatni that he will change some ministers in the cabinet and will announce the result within 48 hours, the official MENA news agency reported.

Earlier on Sunday, Katatni decided to suspend the Lower House' sessions to May 6 in a bid to urge an immediate dismissal of the Ganzouri government.

"The parliament decided to suspend its sessions until the problem of sacking the cabinet be resolved," Katatni said, noting that the majority of lawmakers were neither satisfied with a recent cabinet's statement about its management plan for the current period, nor its performance in general.

"This cabinet which became a burden over the Egyptians should be sacked immediately by the ruling military council", Katatni added.

Ganzouri's cabinet was appointed on Nov. 25, 2011 by the ruling military council, which handed power after toppling former President Hosni Mubarak in February of 2011.


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