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South Africa urges G20 trade ministers to strengthen coordination in global uncertainty


14:23, April 23, 2012

JOHANNESBURG, April 22 (Xinhua) -- The G20 trade ministers should strengthen coordination in promoting a concerted response to current global economic uncertainties, a statement released by South African Department of Trade and Industry said on Sunday.

South African Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies said the BRICS ministers have called on G20 trade ministers to "identify ways to improve" the multilateral trading system.

"We have made this call, so that all economies may pursue a sustainable and development-friendly integration in global trade, including adjustment strategies for their industries and workforce, as well as the appropriate social and sector policies to respond to existing structural vulnerabilities," Davies said.

The minister said at the just-ended G20 trade ministerial meeting that was held in Mexico over weekend under the themes of "trade as a source of growth," "trade as a source of jobs" and "the imperative to keep markets open and to keep opening markets," ministers have "re-emphasized" their commitment to the Doha Development Round.

The BRICS WTO members will continue their efforts for the successful conclusion of the Doha Round, based on the progress made and in keeping with its mandate, while upholding the principles of transparency, inclusiveness and multilateralism, the minister said. "We encourage all G20 economies to work constructively toward this end in pursuance of the collective decision taken at WTO 8th Ministerial Conference," Davies said.


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